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Be a Good Neighbor

In a large cabin on a small lake in nowheresville Alabama, our leadership team took a retreat two years ago. We traveled together, cooked and shared our own meals, played a lot of the whodunit game “Werewolf” (now a retreat tradition), and drank ourselves out of tequila. We also did a lot of foundational work that makes us who we are today. Together, we came up with the Family Values we now use every day at M.L.Rose, Von Elrod’s, and The Sutler.

Our Family’s number one value is “We Treat Everyone Like a Good Neighbor”. To us, that means our business is much more than transactional. Neighbors are people whom we expect to see again and again, so we own our interactions with them. We get to know them, listen to them, and share the joys and hardships of life together. We normally have the wonderful privilege of doing this together in places full of laughter and music, and with plenty of food and craft beer. I can’t say enough about how hard our team has worked to bring this value to life.

Until we can get back to that place of togetherness and laughter, we are using every bit of our energy to make the best of this situation. After the first days of gluing ourselves to the TV or twitter feed, we put our heads down and got to work. Our core mission during this crisis is to keep as many people working as possible, to take care of those we can’t put to work, and to continue to serve our neighbors the best we can. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on to achieve this mission:


WIN-WIN-WIN Gift Card Special

Now through May 1st, buy a $100 gift card to M.L.Rose and receive an additional $50 gift card (good June 1-Sept 1) PLUS, we will donate $10 to our team’s GoFundMe campaign, which helps put food and groceries on the tables of our team members on unpaid leave.

M.L.Rose Team GoFundMe

We are leveraging our resourcefulness and your generosity to help our team members weather this storm. Since we are operating at around 20% of our normal capacity, we can only keep around 20% of our team members on payroll. We’ll be providing our team with prepared meals, groceries, and supplies with these funds for as long as it takes to get them back to work.

Healthcare Heroes Food Drops

We've started a program that allows businesses and individuals to purchase bulk meals for our healthcare heroes who go to work in dangerous conditions on the front lines of this pandemic each day. So far, we've been able to feed 400 frontline workers! If you'd like to find out more about this program or make a donation, please email

M.L.Rose “Groceraunt”

You're now able to buy household staples like bacon, bread, eggs, and yes, our famous thick ranch dip (that we should have started bottling years ago) at M.L.Rose via curbside pickup or delivery. Look for these items on our website menu for call-in orders, our Online Ordering menu and Postmates. You can see the full list of available items here under Grocery & Pantry.

In closing, I’d like to share a note that a Postmates delivery driver included on a little slip of paper in a restaurant delivery to my home. It made my wife and I cry, and it’s now posted on our fridge:


Hi there, it’s your Postmate – Maggie : )

You’re probably starving, so this won’t take long – I just wanted to remind you of a few things.

∙You are not alone. You never have been. You never will be.

∙You are valuable. Beyond your job, your finances, your relationship status – everything.

∙You have a purpose, and gifts and talents that this world needs. Don’t forget about them.

∙You’ve made it through difficult things before. You will absolutely make it through this one, too.

∙Keep. Going.

Now, enjoy your food before it gets too cold.

We’re in this thing together!”


Maggie if you’re reading this, you touched us with this! Keep up the good work and be in touch – we may have a copywriting gig for you : )



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